Consolations for Minimalists.

Let's stay away from labels, once more.

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👋 For the new comers, hello and welcome! Our mission here: we want to help people free themselves from rampant consumerism, so that they can dedicate more time, money and bandwidth to be and build. 👉 We want to help you be highly intentional with what you buy.

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What Objet is all about.

Intentionality. Only purchase things that will make your life 10x better.
Freedom. You own the decision-making process.
Elegance. Create an inspiring environment to thrive.

Short break in your day. You’re welcome!

Good point, Matt.

The wave is here.

We talked about Less Is Now, the new Netflix documentary by the Minimalists, during one of our weekly community sessions.

Thanks, Drew, for summing up its limits so accurately. 👇
Namely: too self-centered, too vague of a problem instead of tangible solutions. Guys, what have you learnt in 10 years? Please share that instead!

4’30” minimalism, a religion that will make you happy
5’30” about themselves… again [that exact same story you’ve told in your book]… ends up being a distraction from their deep message
6’34” same catchy sentences? 😱
9’33” haven’t evolved : how about kids? specifics!
11’05” about the shopping addiction [more about addictions in a coming newsletter]

What’s up Objet?

Best of January

  • I want to change”. Four words that we’ve heard, loud and clear.
    21 calls with you guys have helped us make a clear distinction between those who are actively seeking a change*, and those who are curious about what we’re up to, but not there yet.

  • Peer-support & peer-pressure. One should never under-estimate the power and energy that comes from a bunch of entrepreneurs hustling to make their ideas work. We’ve surrounded ourselves with such a crowd the past month and we can already feel the progress.

*Actively seeking a change?

Haven’t found any tangible solution yet? Jump on-board and contribute to make it your tool!

I am this person 🙋‍♂️

[if you’re not falling into this group, no hard feelings, you can keep reading our newsletter 🙃]

We are a community of part-time serious, part-time not-so-serious, but above all non-judgmental folks ready to change our lives for the better. We are excited to meet you!

What’s new in 📲 the app

Track what comes in, day after day. Set goals. Improve.

As you might know already, we are stepping away from just logging your possessions to helping you buy more thoughtfully, starting day-0 (no need to go back in time). This includes two daily asks “did you acquire anything today?” (build your history of purchases) + “is there anything you’d like to acquire?” (build your wishlist). 🎯 Goals launching this week, too. ✨ Make sure to update the app [from Testflight]

What’s new in 👯‍♀️ the community

We host weekly get-together in our Discord. Next will happen on Sunday Feb 7th, 4pm GMT.

Each time, we’re starting around a specific piece of content / question.
Next Sunday 👉  Our possessions acquired in December. Where do they fall in the frame below?
Let’s help one another understand the impact of recent acquisitions on our (already pretty filled?) homes.

If you’d like to be a part of this crew, here’s how!

What’s new in💡 the library

  • The Consolations of Philosophy, by Alain de Botton
    Another must-read from Alain ⭐️. He makes such a great job at squeezing out the substance of classical philosophers and applying it to our eternal questions about happiness. Six chapters. Six topics. Six philosophers.

    My favorites:
    👉 [Epicure] Happiness requires friendship, freedom and thoughts. Anything else’s a bonus.
    👉 [Montaigne] Education misinterprets learning from wisdom. Nothing teaches us “about the challenges of quotidian life: love, sex, illness, death, children, money and ambition.” True in the XVI century, true today.
    👉 [Nietzsche] Only through pain can you go from mediocrity to fulfillment. “We should not feel embarrassed by our difficulties, only by our failure to grow anything beautiful from them.

Our library is collaborative, so please don’t be shy and recommend the great content you’ve digested recently!

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Have a beautiful day and week ahead!

Mathilde 🐚

Photo by Giammarco Boscaro on Unsplash