myStvff : How?

Let's start with an inventory of every stuff you own.

You already know Why.

Now, How -the hell- are we going to tackle this gigantic status quo?

I’d like to start with a disclaimer that matters: we aren’t against the act of consuming itself. We stand against its excess. The insidious, the “rampant”, the never enough.

So here’s the plan.

Empowering us, as individuals.
We build the tool.
You get the knowledge. You get to decide what to do with this knowledge.

HOW do we get there, then? Let’s start with an inventory of every stuff you own.

So that you:

  • know what you have (i.e. stats per category) ; do you?

  • can be grateful of what you already have ; are you?

  • ultimately, have a starting point from which to progress ; do you?

Think about it as bringing Marie Kondo’s magic to your home, with three MAJOR differences:

  1. you get to save the existence of every stuff you own, somewhere safe that isn’t your brain (it already has a lot to care about)

  2. you’ve find yourself a lifetime companion ; it’s not just at a given point in time, and then “ciao bye, see you in two years when your home’s obese again”

  3. you will be offered options to deal with your unused stuff ; beyond the easy, yet absurd “this goes to trash”

Tidying up is akin to a bandaid or a painkiller — it takes care of the symptoms, but it doesn’t really cure the disease. And that disease is called rampant consumerism. Nothing drove home this point more than when she launched her store — to sell us more shit.  Kondo’s philosophy eschews the idea that the problem — both for our planet and our wallets — begins at the point of buying. Tidying up comes long after the damage has been done. - Om Malik

Yes, we see the challenges. There are waiting for us. He he. But we’re ready.

Coz’ we certainly see the outcome, and it is sparking joy :P


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Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash