myStvff : What?

A mobile app to help you track every (physical) thing you own.

Why? How?

But What is myStvff, exactly?

We’re going after the big lie -the more you consume, the happier you become- using our daily technology tools, also known as mobile applications.

myStvff = a mobile app to help you track every (physical) thing you own.

You’ll soon be able to browse your possessions from your bed, the beach, your in-laws restrooms, a waiting room, you name it. To actually browse, you’ll need to have something to browse (yeah, there’s no magic yet).

As a start, here are the very simple steps you’ll be able to take from the app:

  1. Take a picture of your item

  2. Select a category : household 🛋 - outfit 👘 - sport 🏀 - culture 📚 - electronic 🎧 - misc. 🐲

  3. Write down a short description : in your own words, how you want to remember this item

  4. Save it. Edit it. Delete it. Browse it.

The reasons to go after your stuff are multiple:

  • lighter your mind: how cool is that to know what you have? not only as of “I own that many things, split among XYZ categories” but think about the way it feels when you know what you have on your bank account. A routine that helps you be more relaxed. Because you know.

  • optimize for things you truly like: what if you were proud of most of the things you own? What if it felt good to open any drawer or closet? Personally, I can definitely tell I am not there (yet!).

  • use (and buy) smarter: browse a category (later down the road it can be a personalized tag) or quickly ‘search’ through your stuff… before buying something new.

  • manage/deal easily: once your stuff are securely saved in one place, imagine if selling, lending, borrowing, donating,… became as simple as a drag and drop. No more creating the same post on five different platforms.

  • measure progress: most of us know we want to change, do better. But like losing weight or preparing a marathon, you need a starting point.

  • get inspired: open part of your digital closet to your friends, browse what they have, find inspiration. Want to start skateboarding? Yeah, random pick ;) Glance at what gear Kevin’s using and start a discussion.

  • play: some of us are competitive with others, with ourselves, both. Some aren’t at all. We want to offer opportunities to use this energy for challenges that make sense. Stay tuned!

  • [let’s stop here for now :)]

If any of these outcomes resonates, then read what’s next ⬇️👇

How soon will I be able to test the app? 📱

We’re currently building the alpha (a version just between the 3 of us now), pushing new updates every day. Starting next week we’d like to onboard our first beta testers!

👉 reply to this email with your mobile / OS if you’re interested

Who said inventorying is boring? 🍹

We had 4 new people joining our live Closet Fun sessions last week.
We laughed about this scarf you kinda like but never wear because it makes you look like a bourgeois, these gardening boots you spent hours trying on to finally pick up the wrong size, or that fake travel book that reminded us our backgammon sessions in Istanbul. Friends’ anecdotes are “juicy” [quote a participant], let’s keep these good moments coming!

👉 if you’re curious about it, reply to this email, I’ll tell you more :)

Have a lovely day 🌈


Photo by @lebuzz_magazine on Unsplash