What Comes In.

What you acquired today. What you wish to get in the future.

Good day to you! Happy Hanukkah to some of you!

After weeks of back and forth, watching pandemic trends every other day, we took the decision to stay in Portugal (i.e. not travel to France) for Xmas. It wasn’t an easy choice (we miss the fam!) but somehow it was relieving. Turning the question upside down was the no-brainer moment: which Xmas will we likely most regret?

Our mission with myStvff hasn’t changed: we want to help people free themselves from rampant consumerism, so that they can dedicate more time, money and bandwidth to be and build. 👉 We want to be the tool that empowers your future materialistic decisions.

Share myStvff and yours.


🎅🏽 Our Second-Episode-Secret-Santa-Family-Xmas

I shared with you the awkwardness of our first episode last year. I was surprised and pleased to ear that we would renew the experience one more year. This time around I had kept my mouth shut, someone else spoke out to propose we’d do it again, yeay! 🥳

The rules 👉 a lucky draw determines who you will be offering a gift to. And who will be offering yours (that’s kept secret). We usually set up a maximum budget (100€). Then to avoid buying/receiving useless stuff, everyone shares their list of wishes, more or less precise.

Two weeks to the event, I come to realize that the pleasure of offering and receiving might stand in the wishlist balance: give an idea of what you’d like to have, but not too precise so that it gives your Secret Santa the room to be creative, and you to be surprised.
Too broad? A chance your gift will be completely irrelevant.
Too narrow? Secret Santa feels (s)he’s just a credit card.

🥃 Retro on our first event

Yesterday we hosted our first get-together event in Discord. We weren’t many participants - to say the least 😝 - but I am grateful for the deep talk and getting to learn one of you a bit better.

I had prepared an agenda, stickies, I tidied the room (yep), poured myself a real drink (that I forgot to drink), I’m taking that thing really seriously.

Unlike my dearest-nerdy Max, I am still discovering Discord (“isn’t it a gaming thing?”) and so far this tool serves perfectly what we want to build: a quick, easy, informal way to engage with one another.

myStvff (soon Objet 😎) isn’t just an app. It’s also a community. We want to build rituals. Create that safe space for us to pause for a bit*, reflect and share. Build connections with like-minded folks… and have a good time.

Doing so takes time and tenacity, but we’ve been training for that the past six years. So don’t be shy, we’ll try not to be neither.

We’re waiting for you!

What’s new in the app 📱

Rituals here again! Simple questions, every day:

📣 did you acquire anything today? ✅
=> build your history of acquisition, know what comes in.

📣 anything in mind you’d like to acquire in the future? ✅
=> build a wishlist, a different wishlist, a thoughtful one.

🔔 Tip: set your daily reminder! [from the Today tab]

Next :

  • improve these two features with your feedback and other crazy ideas we have

  • new landing page coming next week

Let’s work together on building thoughtful habits that ressemble us. 🤜 🤛




Trailer / Movie

  • Less is Now, by Matt D’Avella & The Minimalists, available January 1st on Netflix:

📍 More resources (and 🎁 gift ideas?) in our 💡Library ! 

Be safe and well. Have a happy weekend!

Mathilde 🦆

Photo by Coley Christine on Unsplash