Presentations !

Hold my hand. I want to show you something.

A team. On a mission.

Max is the get-shit-done dude. He's straight forward, except when you start asking him questions about how we all met (starts a Tuesday), or about the recipe of the buns you're eating right now.

What I love about him: all of this. He's ready to dump an idea if it doesn't work. And go all-in for the next challenge. He doesn't put any ego in what he does. He never seems offended when you give him feedback. He won't admit it but he loves gossips, too. He's generous, of his time and knowledge.

What he buys most : electronics, on a regular basis. Apparel too (although that one's pretty new, when we first met he would wear that large-ugly-nerdy t-shirt days and nights), often in a batch. He reads a lot before buying something. Despite that, he sometimes buy stuff only him understands (a 3kg pestle to grind pepper, while living in a suitcase?)

Kev is the evangelist. Out there preaching and pitching. He reads a lot, generates ten new ideas a minute, and takes every no as a "ha, you'll see about that". He's probably the most resourceful person I know. He will find the tiny light in a middle of a storm and row heads down towards it. There are not enough hours in a day to play with, so he starts sending you Slack messages at 4.37am. But he will never blame you for not keeping up with that pace.

What I love about him : he never stops. His energy is endless. He's my alter ago (in case you don't know) and the father of my son. So there's a chance I might be slightly biased.

What he buys most : biography books. And pieces of clothes : either a skate collab or a hand-made shirt, that he would not wear immediately "because I need to get fit first".

I am the big sister. I am organized and determined. I love optimizing processes. For the sake of being a pain, I challenge everything. I can be fun, too, I swear. I also care a lot. Cofounders, friends, family, customers, providers. Because there's none of it without them all.

What I buy most : home stuff and clothes. I see it in the window. Stop for a second. Keep walking. Stop again. Walk back. Push the door. Try it on. Hesitate. Get out, skeptical. Think about it the rest of the day. Come back and buy it. Stack it in a closet. Yeah I know what you think.

What we have in common?

  • six years of living - travelling - building a company together, across six different countries

  • endless days and nights gathering ideas to fix the world problems

  • the realization that buying & stacking stuff doesn't make us happy

  • the will to give the next generation a more empathetic world

  • the will to be our own bosses and build a company that ressembles us

We aren't nomads. We aren't minimalists.

We're humans, in our twenties and thirties. We're the generation who doesn't want to see it all go to trash. So we're willing to take action, create a movement.

Our mission?

Increase people's happiness by reducing their dependency to materialistic stuff.

If this rings a bell, or if you just find us cute, follow our adventure in a weekly email.

We are resilient, hungry and fun. We are imperfect and will make mistakes. Probably a lot. So bear with us.

I am proud and excited to embark on this new rollercoaster by their sides.